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Enter NASA’s REEL Science Contest!

Are you a budding video producer passionate about Earth science? Would you like the chance to work with NASA scientists and communication experts to produce a NASA feature? Then don’t miss your chance to enter NASA’s REEL Science Communication Contest!

NASA Earth science missions are kicking off the second annual video contest, by challenging high school students to produce a two-minute video for middle school students that communicates one of the following science concepts: how climate impacts ice and ice impacts climate, forest fires effects on air quality, or water of the water planet.

Your video may use any medium, such as live action or animation, and must incorporate NASA images or visualizations.  Submit your entry by February 21, 2014 by posting your video to YouTube wit the tag “NASAREELscience2014”

Winners will have their videos posted on the NASA website and will also get the opportunity to be a NASA producer working with NASA scientists and communication experts in July 2014 to produce an Earth science feature video.

So get started for your chance to win! For detailed instructions, resources, and prize information, visit


Get inspired with NASA images and visualizations, such as those found on NASA Earth Observatory. The image above shows the rain intensity of Hurricane Sandy as measured by the Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM) on August 22, 2011. Credit: Hal Pierce/ NASA Earth Observatory. 

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